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What is Intraday Trading? How to Trade in Equity & Commodity?

What is Intraday Trading? How to Trade in Equity & Commodity?


There is a different style of trading such as intraday trading, swing trading, short term trading, long term trading or investment trading

Intraday trading – it means aftermarket opens you buy one stock And before market closes you have to sell it, you can’t keep this position overnight, in Intraday trading you can first even cell and then you can by before market close but you must have to exit all your positions during the day you took that is called intraday trading it is one of the most difficult reading instrument it requires a lot of experience whole day I will ability and quick response to the price sometimes the price movement is so fast that you may not create on time .
There are a lot of methods or strategies to trade intraday, there is software also available which produces signals for buying and selling stocks. it is highly recommended for beginners not too involved in this kind of trading or any software.

If you are a beginner and want to learn intraday trading, join ProTrader Academy and learn about Intraday trading strategy, or join some good online intraday trading courses from any reputation institutions, and than apply those strategy on paper for minimum one month or at least 30 trades then you will come to know what are the problems you are facing, what are the weak point of your trading, what are the areas where you are not good and you need to work over it .

In the modern world of trading, almost all exchanges provide intraday trading for stock equity, futures, and options commodities but here one should remember not to forget as a beginner you should not involve in futures and options because of huge risk.

There are enough fair chances of getting wrong in the beginning and if you are trading, and if you are trading futures and options where the risk is unlimited or poorly controlled then you have a chance To loose easily, so that it is recommended for all beginners if they choose intraday trading they should choose only in equity section/cash segment with very small quantity.

Before you start intraday trading on any method are any online Intraday trading course, you should plan your money management that means whatever capital you are allocating for trading divided it into 20 equal parts and in a single trade take maximum risk off one part only.

Another important lesson for beginners is Your first 50 trades should not aim to make profit you should aim to save your capital only, and if you are able to achieve this target then it’s pretty sure you are going to make fortune in stock market.

Choose any method or strategy with a good risk reward ratio, it means if your trade is not working you should lose less and if it is working you should earn more. In a simple words if your trade goes against your desired direction, you may lose 1% but if it is going in your trade direction then you should earn2% or 3%, this way if your 5 trades are wrong and 5 trades are right out of 10, even then you will make money that means if your strategy is only accurate 50% time( you are accuracy is 50%) even you will make money because when you lose, you lose small amount and when you win, you win bigger amount.

Being a beginner always chooses a method, where you don’t have to calculate or analyze a lot of things it means choose a very simple strategy use only one or 2 indicators at the Max. You can restart intraday trading in the index that means bank nifty and nifty. Nifty and bank nifty are limited volatility that means index doesn’t move ready very sharply N in terms of movement also varies limited percentage move during the day because it has high liquidity, One more benefit of trading in nifty or bank nifty is it requires a small amount to trade intraday.

If you are a beginner any struggling to know best intraday trading strategy or indicator, “ProTrader Academy” can help you to achieve all your trading goals, we teach you our research based model of last 10 years, we pass on the knowledge and the experience in practical sense. We make you consistently Profitable Trader in lee than 30 days.

ProTrader Academy is a group of diversified people, excellent teachers mentors analyst and chartist. If you are loosing money in stock market or you want to start trading weather it intraday or positional trading, commodity or equity, there is a good news for you, Protrader academy has various online trading courses for trading and investing, contact India’s best stock market Training institute.

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