Artificial Intelligence Impacts Digital Marketing

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Digital Marketing in 2018?

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is taking the business world by storm. For your information, John McCarthy is known as the “Father of Artificial Intelligence”. AI is capable to perform nearly all the tasks that human can do like learning, visual perception, recognizing speech, translating languages, and decision making. AI can perform multiple tasks in a fraction of a second, more accurately. Marketing is not an exception of this.


Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

It has been many years since marketing automation replaced traditional digital marketing activities. Today marketers are increasingly using marketing automation tools and technologies to automate their work and reduce manual effort. It is the beginning of the future of marketing where marketers use artificial intelligence to better understand, connect, and create great experiences. Artificial intelligence helps marketers analyze the behavior pattern of consumers through a huge volume of data and information.

The tech giant Google leverages deep machine learning to make search engines understand humans’ behavioral pattern and provide them with relevant information. Being able to get buyers’ personal data through AI, digital marketers forecast the buyers’ needs and engage their targeted audience in a much better way.


Why is there a need for Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence has started to be more implemented and more heavily relied on in every aspect of business, including digital marketing. There is a need for AI in digital marketing, simply to make tasks easier for the marketers. It helps to minimize the manual works and maximize the results. With a huge volume of data to be processed every single day, the use of AI can help in easily processing the huge volume of data to gather useful insights from them.


How is AI making a huge impact on Digital Marketing?

Like in every other field, AI has brought plenty of positive changes in the world of digital marketing along with various challenges. Here are some of the changes that can be seen due to the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing. Below are the few important areas of digital marketing where artificial intelligence can make a huge impact:

  • Website Development:  Do you have a plan to develop your own website? Think nowhere. You can do it yourself. That’s the power of artificial intelligence. AI-powered technology that is provided with inputs like content, images, page layout and other required information, can develop a website within minutes. With a small set of technical skills or without, you can do this. The idea of developing a website within a short span of time is fantabulous. But this is still in nurturing stage, let’s wait and see how far it will evolve.
  • Smarter Search:  The people do not need to go to the library or a shop to search for the products and information in today’s world. They are equipped with the internet, and that is what is needed. They can find anything on the internet in a matter of few clicks. The combination of advanced search engines and social media platforms are making the task of finding information a lot easier than ever before for the internet users.

According to the statistic, over 62,000 search queries are received by the Google alone. Moreover, the Google is improving its algorithm now and then to improve users’ experience. So, it is important for the companies to focus on the ways to improve search rank. In the case of the combination of AI and Digital marketing, marketers are finding it easier to analyze customer search patterns with the help of AI marketing and big data solutions.

  • Targeting Right Customers: Targeting the right customers on the web world has been easy since web analytics like Google Analytics that is powered by artificial intelligence enabled this. The latest technologies in artificial intelligence add an additional capability to the existing technologies. Artificial Intelligence can penetrate into a huge amount of data that is available across various sources of the internet, and digital marketers can use the same data to target the right audiences through segmentation and according to the demographics like age, gender, interests, income, education, and profession etc.

Analyzing the search patterns will give marketers the best idea on which area they should emphasize a lot on their marketing campaigns. And, the virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa is also impacting the search engine optimization tactics.

  • Natural language processing (NLP): Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most powerful features of AI. This feature allows the machines to process and understand human languages. This feature can even allow the machines to formulate responses. If the machines can understand feelings, opinions, sentiments, and so on, then it can become easier for the people to conclude AI.

With Natural Language Processing, it becomes easier for the corporations understand the needs of the customers on a global scale. The Swiftkey Keyboard by NLP startups is one of the best examples of this technology. This keyboard can predict responses of the people based on the style of typing.

  • Segmentation: One of the most popular and common words that are consistently used in the world of marketing is “segmentation.” There are plenty of people with a variety of needs and interests, and the companies need to categorize them as segments to increase their sales and retain their customers successfully.

The segmentation of the customers is done by location, interests, browser, operating system, engagement with brands, and so on. The use of AI can assist the brand in customization and personalization. Digital marketers are now able to market the products to the various customer segments, considering their specific interests and preferences.

  • Chatbots and messaging: There are numerous chatbots that can be seen on the website; however, the quality of chatbots is increasing with the time. The major messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp messenger, and so on are already using AI to improve their quality. And, the chatbots allow an instant reply to customer queries, helping the brand to build a better customer relationship.

Many leading consumer-centric businesses have developed their own chatbots. Taco Bell’s TacoBot help customers choose their preferred menus and order food online within a minute. So there is an increased demand for mobile app development companies or chatbot development companies who develop good quality chatbots.



Artificial intelligence is just in its beginning stages and it has already made a huge impact on every industry. Just imagine how it would impact the industries when it becomes mature and more advanced. The truth is that the artificial intelligence will thrive quickly no matter whether we like it or not and really, the only thing we can do is continue to adapt to the change that will be brought by artificial intelligence.

For now, the digital marketers should keep on learning the new digital marketing skills, and they should keep themselves updated with the recent updates on artificial intelligence to be competitive in the world of digital marketing. In the end, the use of artificial intelligence will make jobs easier for digital marketers despite the possible negative sides, so it can be said that AI is a blessing for digital marketing–one that people should embrace.


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