How To Deal With Duplicate Content on Your WordPress Website

How To Deal With Duplicate Content on Your WordPress Website?

Duplicate content is an area of attention for Blogger or WordPress developers. Duplicate content is one of the key determinant effective for not reaching numerous users visits or leads on your website. People continue on wondering and considering above the logic behind their persistently disappointing search engine optimization technique, wherein they lose to accomplish that their content is the foremost criminal which is works as a mooring to keep them back.

Promptly you might be envisioning the causes behind this and some of you might believe that UI design plays a powerful role wherein their results are cumulative results of various circumstances. The logic is very manageable as we appreciate that there are bots that crawl the websites, hence looking at the alike content, they get confused so as to decide which particular page they require to visit. This time is where your content strategy disappoints, and you are incompetent to receive profits from your content.

When we prefer WordPress so as to develop our website we do get a lot of perks such optimized theme, a responsive web design, as well as SEO optimized website and numerous other benefits. Despite all the perks, there is one unusual factor which necessitates the entire consciousness of a web development and this is the culmination Duplicate content as on this a lot of points depend on.

Since, in this blog, we will examine ways in which we can efficiently undertake the medians to withdraw this critical matters on which a lot of significant factors are contingent upon.


Leading Question: How to recognize copied content?

There are times when people acknowledge that they have expanded duplicate content on their website, and they some whither know the logic following it as well. However, the central thing is to guarantee that you have copied content on your website which is unquestionably plagiarism between your pages.


Discovering Duplicate Content

Search Operators:

To determine the duplicate content, you can make utilization of fascinating search operators as they determined to be pretty beneficial so as to detect duplicate content.

Use the phrase specified below to explore the URLs that are on your site and constitutes a keyword “My Blog”.

  • title:”My blog.”

This is the example of the best method to find out duplicate content about that keyword.


Google Search Method:

A different method is by employing a search engine, and there you require to type the URL of your website into the search bar and then check the search outcomes.

Then you require to go over all the results and then determine the pages of your website that are listed on the search engine. This is one of the measures to check the duplicate links which ideally should not have been there in the search results.


Make use of Tools:

Those who are operating a big website that does not involve numerous pages then one can surely exercise the before mentioned methods pretty smoothly. But if you maintain a WordPress website with an excess of pages then it would be quite challenging for you to exercise the steps mentioned before. For this, you require to automate your job and make usage of tools to pluck up the duplicate content as it will save your time.

You can also make adoption of Google Webmaster tools as they are the excellent option for this. Make use of Google webmaster tool as this enables you to obtain pages that have a duplicate title as well as the duplicate description and this is absolutely not a tough task.

Then you require to go to Search Appearance, and look for HTML enhancements manifest there and click on it. There you will receive duplicate description.


How to Fix the Duplicate Content Issue:

  1. One of the obvious and the simplest form to circumvent duplicate content is to quit producing them in the first place. Be certain that you do not generate printer friendly pages as they are of no use. As it is one of the causes why you require neglecting to create them and this will surely help you handle the duplicate content.

        Do not skip to disable your session ids that are started in the URL. Furthermore, if there you have two versions of your website which is the www and non www which are accessible convenient then make sure that you only adhere to the single version and then redirect all the other versions of this website. Further, do not forget to disable the characteristic of pagination on your website.

  1. Redirecting the Duplicate Content: This is one of the extremely used methods for those who crave to catch the subject of duplicate content. In this, you require redirecting the traffic from your duplicate page to the real one.
  2. Make use of the Canonical Tag: Another method that can be followed to eliminate duplicate content is via a rel=canonical tag. This tag is really an important tag which is used when you cannot avoid the irrelevant content. However, you perceive this through some wrong Url.


When you are passing through this sort of situation, then you require locating this element in any part of your website. This step will facilitate you to take the search engine on that web page which needs to be displayed on the list of the search result. You can use the following code set as the canonical tag:

<link rel=”canonical” href=””>


Use Meta Tags:

Those who want that the search engine does not get indexed on an appropriate page then one can make usage of Meta tags. This practice is one of the best practice that you wish to do for those who want that the page required to be available only for the users wherein it do not get listed on the page.




<Meta Name=”Tweets” Content=”noindex, nofollow”>


<body> …. </body>


Duplicate Content is actually a notable issue for all sorts of WordPress blogs as well as a website. It is one of the biggest hurdles to getting profitable outcomes from your SEO techniques and effects your search engine rankings big time and creates quite a bad impact of your website. This problem is pretty worst for the user experience that you contribute to them. And is one the main reason why you need to retain a check on the duplicate content every time. Moreover, using sole content is one of the biggest factors that helps you to heighten the search engine rankings for your business.

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