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ssc exam pattern 2020

How to crack SSC and some important tips



Everyone wants a government job and to get it you have to give some exam. One of them is SSC. If your goal is to crack the SSC (staff selection commission) exam, then let us make you aware of its syllabus and some important tips.


ssc exam pattern 2020

Most of the SSC exams have these 4 parts.


It is important to read these 4 topics. Let’s know about these topics in details-



This is good for those students who like Mathematics, but who are not interested in Mathematics for those it seems like a nightmare. To score well in this section, you have to focus on small tricks and do a practice of it, because you have a time limit to solve these questions, you cannot take much time, otherwise, you will get less time in other sections. That is why learning short tricks, memorizing formulas, squares, square root, cubes, and cube root will not take time to solve the question.

Subject :

Geometry                                                           for reading in hindi https://hindi.bloggersadda.com/ssc-परीक्षा/


Profit and Loss

Pie Chart

Bar graph

Time and work

Time and duration, pipe and drain, distance

Simple and compound interest

Average / Ratio


  • (GENERAL ENGLISH) English:

This is one of the section. In which you can score well, this section brings questions like opposite words, synonyms, and Comprehension Passage; Questions like error detection, idiom phrases. To score well in this section, try reading English newspapers daily. Reading an English newspaper not only improve your English but also increase your general knowledge, which also improves your GENERAL KNOWLEDGE section.

Subject :

Synonyms, antonyms

Policy reform

Passage (PASSAGE)

Idioms / Phrases (IDIOM AND PHRASES)


SPOT THE ERROR, Spellings / Detecting misspelled words




Reasoning is one of the easiest sections of the paper. You can easily score good marks in it. This is the section which will help you to join the competition, this section has questions like number or alphabet series, mirror or water image, paper folding, matrices, etc.



Word management




Alpha / Numeric / symbol series


Calander & Clock



You can score well in it with a little hard work. 60-70% score in this section would be considered good. To score well in this section try to read about various constitutional acts of Indian history, geography, and if you want a good score in this section then don’t forget to read about science because most of the questions asked in exam related to science. you can get good marks in science.


Indian History (HISTORY)




Indian Geographical Location (GEOGRAPHY)

Human Body

Chemical component name (NAME OF CHEMICAL COMPONENT)

Now its time to focus on some important tips for preparation.


  • Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

The first important step for SSC preparation is to know about paper pattern and syllabus. Without knowing the syllabus you can not prepare accordingly so the priority is to focus on the syllabus. If you know syllabus so you can prepare for an exam. you should focus on that section which you like most.


  • OnlineEXAM::                                                                                                                                                                               You all should get to know that SSC conducts its exam in online mode. There is no space for the pen-paper exam and try to practice online paper and mock test. You need to know how to mark the answer And how to reach the next question.


  • Strengths and weaknesses:                                                                                                                                              Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly, prepare well and give extra time on that subjects in which you are less familiar and also give a little time to the subject of your strength.


  • Study material:                                                                                                                                                                   After taking a look at the SSC pattern, it is time to take a look at the books for SSC exams, so that you should solve the questions, examples and previous year papers which are given in the book. The best strategy starts with choosing the best books for SSC exam because in these books you will find all types of questions regularly asking in SSC exam and you will also be able to know about tricks to solve the questions.


  • Time management:                                                                                                                                                           Time is very precious. Time management is very important to creak any type of exam in the first attempt. It is not difficult to solve the question but solve the question in time interval makes the exam more difficult to crack. make a proper time table to prepare for SSC CGL exam in the first attempt. Manage the time for each section according to your strength and weakness. Give more time to your weak section and also focus on your favorite section.


  • Practice paper:                                                                                                                                                                      Try to solve as many practice papers as you can, it will make you aware of the types of questions that are asking frequently and also increase your speed. And as we all know that SSC repeats some questions that before asked, so practicing previous year paper.


  • Self-confidence:                                                                                                                                                            Confidence is the first step towards success, so be confident during the exam. Do not be disappointed with one or two questions, instead of which you will not be able to focus on the questions which you know well.

हिंदी में  पढने के लिए https://hindi.bloggersadda.com/ssc-परीक्षा/


Don’t forget these facts and important tips while you preparing for the exam and best of luck.

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