How the Stock Market works?

How Does the Stock Market Work? Top 5 Quick Tips for Stock Trading

How the Stock Market Functions?

If u want to become completely successful in stock market trading /investing, you just need to prepare yourself this way.
Understand, Accept, Learn Apply, Achieve for life.

1. The very first thing to understand is “How the stock market works?”
The market place is group,(There are buyers and sellers) where many people invisibly fighting each other, and the net result of this fight is reflection in price, but the true reality is not this only, the most scientific truth about market is out of total participants, there are 90% people of almost equal power in a given time and rest 10% people are superpower (Smart Money, institutions or Group of high net worth people- people which have billions in there hands) now think, in this fight what will be the result, there is always win of superpower people, because they are more powerful than retail investors or traders, price reflection is not of what those 100 people fight, price reflection is result of those 10 and 90 people, and this the Reason 90% people lose money in the stock market, because those 90% peoples total buying or total selling power is much lesser than those 10% people.

The stock price always will go the direction where more money can be infused, whether it is buying side or selling side, retail trader/investor always have poor control on any stock or index.

2. A common investor or trader always belongs to those 90% people of the stock market, and they can’t overcome superpower people, this is a bitter fact of the stock market either trading or investing, we all need to understand & accept it.

How we can succeed in the stock market?

So here my next thing come, Learn and apply

That means if somebody really wants to be successful in the stock market online or offline, trading or investing, intraday trading or swing trading, everybody religiously needs to learn and apply certain principles, thumb rules of stock market trading or investing.

3. We should first learn about our self and then we should learn about the market? That means you should have your own evaluation of the following points.

Trader or investor – Are you a trader or investor?

What time I can spend in the market every day or every week or once in a while?

What trading style suitable for me? Intraday trading or swing trading.

How disciplined person I am? Can I handle stressful situations?

What is my risk-taking behavior?

Based on this all you will come to know how and what you should do. After this evaluation, you will come to know what kind of working(trading or investing, long term or short term) you should choose in the stock market.

Now you should learn either Fundamental analysis or Technical analysis,

That means thee are methods of analyzing stocks future prices based on past data, Yes it possible to predict any stock/ index or gold/ silver prices, based on those above two methods, up to 60 to 70% accuracy only! Here I would like to mention clearly there is no method available to predict the market 100%. There is no software available on planet, there is nobody in the world which can predict market with 100% accuracy, and frankly speaking after 10+ years of experience in world market I can say there is no need to predict market with 100% accuracy, that is not required, we require to follow available knowledge properly and I am 100% sure that anyone can make millions if you learn with right person and apply properly.

4. There are many Stock Market institutes in India which teach you really good, there 100 of good books available on google or amazon which have very good content for technical or fundamental analysis, but remember this all require time and commitment, its not just a one course or one book you read and becomes stock market expert, it requires at least 3 to 6 months to learn and apply properly.

If you already know those principles than apply in your trading/ investing very strictly every time, and wait for results. Trading and investing are not a one-time event, its a process.

Every time nothing works, that means you will not be correct every time and also vice versa, so have to keep practice for a long time what you know, and you will surprise with results.

Don’t forget the stock market is the game of discipline, not science or magic or numbers, Protrader academy helped many people to understand the true reality of trading, and trained them to achieve their financial goals. We teach you how to make a consistent profit for a lifetime. We teach you until you become successful its not just a transformation of content.

5. If you want to become zero to hero, there is good news for you, Protrader academy has various online courses for trading and investment. Contact ProTrader Academy

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