Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Technology is progressing at an exceptionally fast rate and as advertisers or entrepreneurs, this implies that you always should know about the most recent changes, improvements and be set up for change at any moment. It’s technology that continues changing, and so do your public’s preferences.
In the digital world, content is the key that drives traffic and other key measurements. It helps you make and update the correct sorts of content, intensifying your online presence among targeted audience. With regards to content marketing, it’s important to remain over these changes if you want to get ahead in the competition. Contentualize shows the importance of B2B content marketing strategies, they have been fuelling the B2B area with its supreme impact and huge development of ROI.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is perfect for any business it is amazingly relationship-centred, which is helpful for developing customer base and business esteem. Its two-way communication offers a powerful means for organizations to connect directly with customers and build strong relations. It is necessary that B2B organizations can measure the effect of their promoting efforts to distinguish errors and areas of progress. Efficient resource usage is essential for the long term running of any business. Email marketing utilizes a variety of vital measurements, for example, open rates, conveyance rates, and navigate rates that can empower an organization to precisely assess its digital marketing efforts.

Audio/Visual Content
Audio/Video is the future of content promoting. As the present buyers are continuously provided with information from brands, it is becoming increasingly important for B2B organizations to offer content that is visual, engaging and simple to process. Audio/Video is the perfect route for this. The advantage of utilizing audio/video channels is that you can contact the general population easily and it is effectively open. Also it is less expensive than other marketing devices.

Social Media
Social media goes about as an established distribution channel for a organisation’s content, thoughts and offers. Social media can be utilized to educate purchasers and help them better understand the variables assuming a role in their choices. This education procedure builds reputation and brand trust. Social media improves brand awareness and visibility. Roughly three billion people the world over are utilizing social media on regular basis.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing takes advantage of the power of writers and vloggers who are as of now surely known by your targeted audience and uses their impact to get the message out about your business. In simple words, influencer is a person with huge number of followers on social media channels. Influencer marketing opens up progressively organic strategy to raise brand goodwill and cooperate with extensive number of individuals. It gives your SEO a lift. Through cross-promotion, you will have important inbound links from sites of high-quality.

Paid Distribution Channels
Paid distribution channels is continuously becoming essential to advertisers. Brands are seeing 24% conversion rates with Instagram Stories Ads, display ads click rates are around 0.05% this year.

2019 will see the importance of above mentioned trends and patterns, and brands should meet these patterns with creative, original content that separates them from the crowd.

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