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What is VPS Hosting? A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Private Servers

Ask most website owners about hosting and they’ll happily explain what shared, dedicated and cloud hosting is. But when it comes to virtual private servers, lots of them aren’t 100% sure what VPS are or what they’re best suited for. Some don’t even know that there is a VPS hosting option. So, to put everyone clearly in the picture, this …

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How IoT Service Providers can maintain relevancy

How Internet of Things Service Providers Can Maintain Relevancy?

According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, there could be over 30 billion connected devices by 2023, of which around 20 billion will be related to the IoT. Connected IoT devices include connected cars, machines, meters, sensors, point-of-sale terminals, consumer electronics and wearables. According to Gartner, IoT can grow in terms of value over $1.9 by 2020, which includes the …

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